Senior Food Program

CrossRoads supplements the diets of 676 low income seniors per month through our partnership with the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), a unique federal/state and public/private effort.  CSFP was created by Congress to address hunger in specific population groups in a way that both promotes agriculture policy and alleviates hunger through the use of food commodities acquired under government farm supports.

The USDA purchases specific nutrient-rich foods at wholesale prices for distribution. State agencies such as the Departments of Health, Agriculture or Education provide administration and over-sight; contracting with community and faith-based organizations to warehouse and distribute food, certify eligibility and educate participants.  This unique collaboration reaches even homebound seniors with vital nutrition.

Once a month participating seniors receive a box of food designed to meet the specific needs of this vulnerable population.  They include fruits, vegetables, juice, meat, peanut butter, cereals and grain products, milk, and cheese.

CSFP Sample Senior Citizen’s Food Package Benefit

The list below is a sample of the Maximum Food Package for adults over age sixty (households must meet the income guidelines). The package is intended to assist in proper nutrition, it is not intended to completely feed a person for a month. There are many different substitutes for the following items. Read more regarding food facts and recipes.

Cereal Dry or Oatmeal 2 units 18 oz pkg
Canned Meat 2 cans 12.5 oz
Evaporated Milk 3 cans 12 oz
Instant Non Fat Dry Milk 1 box 25.6 oz *
Macaroni 2 pk 2 lb
Processed American Cheese 1 pkg 2 lb
Fruits 2 cans 15-16 oz
Juice 2 cans 64 oz
Vegetables 4 cans 15-16 oz

If you are 60 or older and would like to apply for the CSFP program, please stop by CrossRoads at 1631 Breckenridge St. to fill out an application.  Current proof of income is required.  You can also download an application and mail it to CrossRoads, 1631 Breckenridge St., Owensboro, KY  42303.

CrossRoads is the Daviess County distributer of farmers’ market vouchers to low or no income senior citizens. Each May, through a partnership with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, we receive between 125 to 350 voucher booklets valued at $28 to be used at any Kentucky Proud farmers’ market.

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