N2N invites Owensboro residents to seek free assistance from their neighbors, and invites Owensboro residents to join volunteer project teams to provide needed assistance. This program makes it easy to help someone in need.

Our website has a regularly updated database of projects. After signing up as a member, a person has the ability to post a project for someone who needs help or volunteer to help with a project.

Our mission is practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of love.

The N2N website has three primary functions:

  • Project Posting
  • Project Selection
  • Volunteer Sign-Up

The Project Posting page is where you can post a project with which you or someone you know needs help. Once a project has been posted to the site, the N2N Coaches will evaluate, construct (e.g., how many volunteers, and what tools and materials are needed, etc.) and select projects.

Once a project is selected, the Coach posts the project to the N2N website. Persons accessing the site can review the posted projects, and volunteer by signing up for a specific project, date, and time.  Volunteers also have the opportunity to donate tools or materials to the effort if they so desire.

The Coach and the Volunteers meet at the project location at the scheduled time and complete the project–totally free of charge, no donations accepted.

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