Marilyn is a senior citizen who recently moved to Owensboro from Ohio and has not had an opportunity to make many friends.  Until she can have a knee replacement, Marilyn has to move about on a scooter.  This seriously effects how often she can leave her home since she cannot drive.  Hard to make friends when you are shut in!!

Volunteers with N2N first met Marilyn back in April when they came out to help clean her home.  Since April, volunteers have regularly help clean, grocery shop & run a couple of errands for her.  Marilyn has to have surgery on Friday and will undergo general anesthesia.  Isn’t it wonderful that now she has a whole GROUP of friends who love and care about her?  Two volunteers will spend the day at the hospital with Marilyn so she doesn’t have to be alone.  Another volunteer will spend the night just in case she needs help.

When we do real life with people, relationships and friendships are formed!