Neighbor2Neighbor recently received a telephone call from a local nursing home asking for assistance for one of their patients.  Velma, an 85-year-old disabled senior, was to be released in 2 weeks, but was not allowed to go home until she had a wheelchair ramp in place.  For every day Velma stayed past that time, she would incur a deductible that she would be responsible to pay.

Since the nature of N2N is to allow volunteers to select projects as their time and skills allow, it is not always possible for us to respond to a project with a short deadline.  BUT, one of our kindhearted volunteers, Darrol, agreed to go out early the next week to take a look.  Within days, the ramp was built… just in time for Velma to come home.  Our volunteers are the best!  Thank you for loving your neighbors!

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