imageA Simple Path began its culinary training classes Wednesday  in the CrossRoads Cafe!  What an exciting day for teachers AND students!  The program, directed by Chefs Kim Jagoe and Christin Pelsor, teaches cooking skills to individuals who are homeless or living in poverty to help prepare them for employment in the food service industry.

After conducting interviews, 5 students were selected to participate in the first round of classes. New classes will be held approximately every 6 weeks. Kitchen skills are taught on Monday, the curriculum including Hygiene, Socialization skills, Seasonings/salt, Knife skills, How to use equipment safely, Kitchen safety (knives, wet floors, stoves on/off, etc), Food safety and sanitation (temp, storage, etc.), and Mise en place (a French phrase that means “everything in place”).

Wednesdays are all about meal planning with an emphasis on real food (from scratch – no processed foods)… the nourishing of body and soul through love and food!

Fridays food is prepared and lunch served for donations to local businesses.