Shirley is a 72-year-old, disabled widow.  She was having problems with her truck stalling at stop signs and intersections.  She needed a new set of spark plugs and wires for her small Chevy pick-up, but since her only source of income is social security, she could not afford parts or labor.

Shirley found out about the N2N program when she received a flyer in her Senior Food Box (a service of CrossRoads).  Her daughter contacted us and asked for assistance.  After posting the project on the N2N website, a volunteer quickly agreed to coach the project and within the day had connected with an N2N volunteer who owns an auto shop.

The volunteer picked up Shirley’s truck from her home and dropped it off at the shop. The volunteer covered the cost of the parts (minimal) and the auto mechanic volunteered his labor.  A very happy ending!

Shirley was extremely grateful, and as the volunteer was preparing to leave, made him come back for a hug!