The LoveCan rolled into town on July 8th.  By July 10th the Coovers, missionary’s from Florida who travel across the United States during the summer to help where help is needed, were already working on an N2N project.  “You made it easy for us!”, said Tera Coover.  “We have a desire to serve and the N2N website is a great way to find needs in your community”.

Rande & Jordan spent a day helping Kris weatherize his home.  Kris is a disabled senior citizen with late-stage emphysema.  Living on a very limited income, he had not been able to run his air conditioner or breathing equipment because it drove his electric bill up too high.  Kris’s landlord and an N2N volunteer purchased a new air conditioner and  Rande & Jordan installed it.  They also added new venting. 

Behind the scenes, a member of the community donated towards Kris’ electrical bill by making a payment directly to Owensboro Municipal Utilities on his behalf.  Kris’ response?  “It will be so good to sleep with some oxygen tonight”.  YES!